Paws and Claws Resort

Your pet's home away from home!

For All Breeds

P1000917The dogs truly LOVE our new outdoors!! Over 6400 sq ft. of grassy areas – two side yards, plus the main area.  A terrific place to run, sniff, chase balls – we’re great at throwing balls & frisbies –  & get plenty of exercise!  Our side yard is specifically used for old or blind dogs, or dogs with disabilities. who love to sniff, & gently exercise. The other side yard is for  little dogs. They have their own doggy door, plus a slide that goes from inside, through the wall, to their outside garden area.  Large dogs are supervised & rotated in small groups according to size,  age, & disposition. Some dogs prefer to be alone.  Playtime is especially important. and is the main reason the dogs here are so content!

No pet is ever given any treats made in China!

We require pets vaccinations are up to date.


6 years ago, my first customer, Roscoe with a halo Christmas 2013

6 years ago, my first customer, Roscoe, Christmas 2013