Paws and Claws Resort

Your pet's home away from home!

For You, The Pet Owner

  • Worry-free. Your pet is safe, comfortable, and loved!
  • 24 hour security surveillance camera
  • Monitors for both cats & dogs rooms – outside, too
  • Air Conditioned & heated
  • Odor Free! & Spotlessly clean!
  • Open 7 days a week. Need an early drop off, or a late pick up? We’re happy to accommodate your needs.
  • We’re delighted when you call to see how your pet is doing
  • Please visit, but not during nap time from 1 to 3pm.
  • Needed, current immunizations – your vet can fax records to us
  • All sizes and breeds welcome!!
  • Overnight boarding for all breeds
  • Day & Play Care for all breeds
  • Affordable Rates, no hidden fees
  • Your own pet food is desirable
  • We provide food for $1.00 per dog per day
  • Baths & Grooming with Akiko by appointment.
  • Pet medications given correctly
  • Important! We follow your instructions – we work for you!
  • At departure, we welcome you to open your pet’s door & enjoy all that pent up love you’re about to receive!!

Your patronage is sincerely appreciated! Please read about Kennel Cough!

(We rarely see any dogs with Kennel Cough…but, we are prepared, just in case..)

Kennel Cough is an airborne virus.  For it to be called Kennel Cough seems a tad unfair; the virus can be found in grooming salons, vet hospitals, doggy parks, and, really, anywhere!  A dog will have contracted the virus, a week – often several weeks – before the dog starts feeling terrible.  Lethargic, runny eyes & nose…We can have a healthy dog with us for several days, and all of a sudden looks like he feels horrid!  It was in his system before his stay with us, & we’re on the phone with you to let you know we’ll be doing our very best to make him feel better!  We immediately include Lemon juice, Manuka honey, and Coconut Oil  in the pet’s water to ease discomfort.  We do our best to prevent the virus from becoming serious.  We also call your Vet who may tell us to give DM Robitussen cough syrup.  The really bad thing is that the Bordetella vaccine only covers 5 or 10 strains of the virus – and there are over 20 some viruses not covered.  With a fever, the virus becomes contagious.  We quarantine the pet  to prevent the virus from infecting others.  Luckily, kennel cough rarely happens here!!  For which we are ever so thankful!!

Bumps & scrapes can  happen during play, even while being supervised.  Sometimes we can’t see any damage, if we do, we’ll call & let you know.