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We’re ready to play!

Melody and Moxie

Melody and Moxie




What an amazing place for our little one’s to play!  Their room is 500 sq ft, large enough play tug of war with toys, chase each other, & be inside when the weather demands!  They have their own doggy door, & (except nap time) have  learned to go out and in whenever they want.  The gate outside is locked, and the dogs are safe.  We will open their slide area when the weather permits.  The slide actually goes through to the outside, so the dogs can go through the building & the slide continues to their garden area.  They love running up and down the slide, and  get plenty of exercise running from the slide to the doggy door & around they go! And, Yes! the dogs really do have their own flower garden!  Along the fence is a mist hose, which automatically comes on between 2 & 5 pm during the hot afternoon sun.  Keeps their outdoor area pleasantly cool!

Their ‘homes’ consist of a rug,  soft pillow covered with a plush blanket, & an extra blanket to snuggle & hide in.  And always, clean water to drink! Also, our play toys are kept low to the ground, so they can pull out any toys they wish to play with.


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Melody, Moxie, & Shasta

Melody, Moxie, & Shasta